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Facials by Audra

Signature Facials

65 Mins- $70

Blemish Remedy

Clear results and healthy looking skin with a clinical approach to reduce bacteria and inflammation, increase cellular turnover, and kick-start the healing process.


A rejuvenating facial that infuses skin with actives that will stimulate, repair, firm, and tone.  You will leave feeling fresh, with a youthful, luminous glow.

Moisture Drench

Relax and refresh!  This facial will soothe, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin with luxurious moisture.


Lighten and brighten skin tone with this corrective facial that utilizes pigment reducing nutrients and nourishing ingredients that provide balance and antioxidant support.  Perfect for sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Redness Relief

Infuse skin with nourishing ingredients to strengthen and restore the barrier function while reducing inflammation irritation.  A great choice for those with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin in need of repair.

Express Facials

40 Mins-$45

Man on the Run

A gently corrective treatment for men looking for a quick pick-me-up.


An effective, antibacterial treatment featuring a deep pore cleanse, exfoliating enzyme, and calming finishers to reduce inflammation, balance oil, and purify skin for a beautifully fresh results.

Glow and Go

Awaken the skin with the power of Vitamin C and special enzymes to bring life to dull, sun damaged skin.  You will leave hydrated and radiant!

Simply Soothing

A calming, soothing facial focused on reducing redness and inflammation in sensitive, reactive skin.


45 Min- $45

Achieve a smoother, more flawless looking complexion!  Dermaplaning is an advanced form of exfoliation using a sterile blade to gently remove dead skin and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).  This treatment creates a smooth surface and allows your products to penetrate better for maximum benefits.  Results:  Healthier, smoother, brighter skin!

Resurfacing Facial with Dermaplaning

85 Mins-$80

Rejuvenate and refresh with a boost of antioxidant support.  You’ll love the immediate results!


45 Min-$55  Add on to any treatment for $35

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that exfoliates the outer layer of skin, revealing the glowing, youthful skin beneath.  An excellent solution for treating fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne and acne scars, blackheads, and enlarged pores.


This service is applied on backs, bikini area, arm pits, upper and lower legs, or any facial hair. The skin is first prepared with a cleanser, and then a warm wax is applied in the area needed. We place a piece of gauze over the wax and remove the unwanted hair. The skin is then treated with a soothing cream to calm the slight sting.
Price is $15.00 and up.

Brow Tint
Want to get rid of the grey brows? This service will color your eyebrows to make you look younger and have a more “finished look”.
Price is $15.00

Ear Candling
An old Chinese remedy to help remove wax from the ears. Ear Candling came to the U.S. in the 1930’s. This treatment helps ringing of the ears, wax build up, sinus infections and overall well-being.  Time of service is ½ hour.  <ALSO IN EXTRA  SERVICES>
Price is $35.00

Refresh after your massage with a nice warm steam or shower and is included with any Spa Service.

Couples Massage
Two people may have a massage at the same time with two massage therapists, working in separate rooms to create a relaxing, and therapeutic experience. Husbands and wives, boyfriend and girlfriends, sisters or friends, restore your friendship, marriage or family tie with an hour of restorative massage.
Price is $130.00 per couple

Swedish Massage
3O min.- $40.00 Usually Back & Neck
60 min. – $65.00 Full Body
9O min. – $80.00 Detailed Full Body
Your basic massage techniques used to please any clients needs. Weather it be stress relief or total relaxation. The therapist can adjust her pressure to suit anyone. This technique is used to improve circulation. Range of motion. & relaxation. Therefore helping rid the body of toxins & deliver nutrients.

Neuromuscular Therapy/Therapeutic Massage
60 min. – $65.00
Specialized massage techniques are used in conjunction with Swedish Massage to treat clients suffering from injury or pain.

Prenatal Massage
60 min. – $65.00
Swedish Massage techniques are used to provide comfort & relaxation. and aide in helping relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Prenatal massage is done in a side laying position for client’s comfort.

Hot Stone Massage
75 min. – $70.00
For total relaxation the therapist uses heated stones in conjunction with her hands throughout the massage. The heated therapy works great to loosen stiff muscles and increase circulation by penetrating deep into, the muscles.

Aromatherapy Wrap
45 min. – $50.00
Great for detoxifying the body. Your body will be cocooned in warm linens soaked in essential oils while a face and scalp massage is prefered. This promotes deep relaxation and increases circulation to aide in detoxifying the body.

Sugar Scrub Massage
45 min. $50.00
This service promotes increased circulation and blood flow while exfoliating the skin leaving the body feeling soft, smooth, and relaxed. Great for getting rid of that unwanted dry skin brought on by winter elements and sun exposure.

Cupping Massage

30, 60, 90 Min.

Added to any Massage $10.00 + price of massage service.  Cupping therapy uses suction to pull apart rather than push, creating a negative pressure on the muscles and connective tissue, unlike a normal massage.  This works to break up myofascial restrictions and relive trigger point tension.  It can be used to relieve pain, inflammation, increase blood flow, increase relaxation, and well being, and can also release deep tissue issues and loosen adhesions.

Facial Massage

45 Min-$50

With the aide of warm compresses and a natural honey and nutmeg mask, your therapist will use massage techniques to rejuvenate and exfoliate your face.  This treatment also works well for opening up the sinuses and promotes drainage.  Massage is done to the face, scalp, neck, hands, and feet to complete your relaxation experience.



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